Sacre-Coeur and Montmartre Tour


HALF-DAY TOUR: 75€ per person
FULL-DAY TOUR: 125€ per person
Available every day of the week by appointment only


Meander through Paris’ artists’ quarter shows you where Van Gogh lived, Picasso dined, Toulouse-Lautrec partied and where Zola is buried. Along the way you’ll take in the towering white Basilique du Sacré Coeur with its oriental domes, the Moulin Rouge cabaret, the Montmartre Cemetery and, not least, the astonishing view of the city from Paris’ highest elevation.

In addition to the sites above, the half-day tour includes the Salvador Dali museum, locations from France’s export film Amélie, a cafe break (with mini brasserie language lesson), a ride on the Montmartre Funicular, a stop at the bakery recently awarded the Prix du Pain for the best baguette in Paris and more…

Continue on our full-day discovery tour with a stroll past Pigalle, a look at the impressive collection of Corinthian columns that envelope La Madeleine, a visit to the shop that makes over 30 kinds of French mustard, then on to the upscale diamond district, with a pit stop at where the Phantom of the Opera lived.

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