Midnight in Paris Tour

DAYTIME (HALF-DAY TOUR): 75€ per person
NIGHTTIME (HALF-DAY TOUR): 80€ per person

DSCF1465The Midnight In Paris tour will take you to sites featured in the 2011 Woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris,” and to places that capture the lively and quintessential spirit of Paris from the past.

As part of the daytime tour you will see the Monet Waterlilies and the Rodin sculpture garden and enjoy a cocktail in the upscale right bank hotel featured in the film.

The nighttime tour will take you on a memorable journey through the streets of Paris, stopping along the way to enjoy one of Hemingway’s favorite haunts, a cocktail in the place that invented the popular 1920’s drink (the Sidecar), and the intimate atmosphere of a cozy Parisian jazz club.

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